It is NEVER too early to think about your exit strategy. In this podcast, Gene Hammett and I look at some of the key factors of “The Exit.” I share insights from decades of experience in selling businesses for myself and for top-tier Silicon Valley VCs. Listen in for some key insights to making your exit as strong as possible.

I, like so many of you, came to a point in my career where I just like what he was doing anymore. I was making ridiculous sums of money and looked successful and everyone admired me. But I was terribly unhappy.
I was completely bound up with limiting beliefs about hoe to go about generating success and what was truly possible for me in life.

I literally got to a point where I physically couldn’t get myself into the car and to work. One day, I went back into the house, did some meditation and mind clearing, then picked up the phone, called my board and resigned. It only took a moment, but it happened after 3-5 years of day to day misery.

I made a decision that day. In this audio interview, I reveal how I broke free from this misery to use my special ‘super-power’ to help others, just like you, realize the success you desire.

Having built and sold 6 of my own companies (all for more than $100M each) as well as dozens of others, I use the skill and experience I developed to help business owners understand value and how to build it into their companies.

I help business owners understand exactly what is driving the value of their businesses so that they can know where to invest, grow and position themselves for a much higher return then they’ve ever thought possible.

Having an exit strategy is NOT about the exit – it is about the strategy!

Take a listen and learn why.