Valuation constrained by outdated business model

Online coupons company sought high return exit.

A privately held online coupons startup company (the Company) in the pre-revenue stage sought expert advice for a valuation growth exit trajectory. The Company attended a Zero Limits Ventures (ZLV) seminar and retained ZLV to generate the Company’s best valuation growth and potential exit strategies. The initial assessment revealed that the Company’s current business model was its biggest constraint to value growth.

Zero Limits Ventures identified an approach that increased valuation 400+ percent.

After analysis, ZLV raised the capital to redesign the business in its entirety and to secure key strategic technology innovations. ZLV refined the Company’s organizational infrastructure, business model, product, sales, market and brand position, go-to-market distribution and partnership strategies, and partnership programs. The Company was repositioned as a multichannel marketplace serving the “cause shopping” megatrend, otherwise known as a Cause Commerce Network. The resulting business model delivered:

  • Tax-free income and an expanded donor base for charity causes
  • A powerful way to sponsor causes and capture loyal consumers for merchants
  • Retail savings and an opportunity to have social impact and improve social status via the preferred cause, for consumers

With the new model in place, Company investors enjoyed a rapid 5X return.

Company currently entertaining multiple offers.

With ZLV’s assistance, the company has more than quadrupled its valuation. It is currently positioned for a very lucrative high-multiple acquisition and is choosing from among a suite of offers.



Online Coupons


HQ in United States


$10M growing to $50M


Limited returns for company planning for exit


Strategic pivot into new market

Impact and Advantage

Valuation increased 400+ percent

  • Capital Raise
  • Valuation Growth Strategy
  • Strategic Exit Plan
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