Value Growth Strategies

When you started your business, you likely focused the vast majority of your time, energy and money on the challenges associated with starting and growing your business

However, this means you may have deferred more strategic thinking about valuation growth or an exit strategy until (often too) much later in the process.

And now, you need to remain focused on managing and growing the business and achieving your key performance objectives. Because of this, your field of vision is necessarily (and appropriately) constrained by that primary focus and you don’t really have time to do the research and strategic thinking necessary to develop an optimum valuation growth exit strategy.

By engaging Zero Limits Ventures with the Valuation Growth & Exit Strategy Assessment, you remain focused on what immediately matters most; continuing to grow your business, while we identify and develop the strategic path to maximum valuation and lay the foundation for a strategic exit plan.

The Valuation Growth & Exit Strategy Assessment is a structured step by step process designed to:

  1. Determine what your business is worth right now, today
  2. Identify the most viable, highest-return valuation growth strategies available to you and your stakeholders
  3. Identify any go to market, business model, organizational, operational or financial modifications necessary to maximize returns and align with the maximum valuation opportunities
  4. Prepare you and your company to pursue one or more of the strategic value growth strategies identified so you’re able to maximize the returns on your investment of time, money and human capital and are prepared for a high return acquisition at the appropriate time

We use a detailed step by step process to review critical value generating elements of your business and develop a plan to guide you into alignment with the highest return strategies.

We will meet by phone or video conference throughout a 3 to 6 week period depending on mutual availability.

At the conclusion of the Valuation Growth & Exit Strategy we will review our findings in detail, provide detailed specific recommendations for you to fully capitalize on these valuation growth opportunities.

You and your team will know with 100% certainty:

  1. What your business is worth right now
  2. Which of the valuation growth strategies available to you will generate the greatest returns
  3. What kind of returns you can expect from the top strategies available to you.
  4. Exactly what you and your team is going to need to do to capitalize on the highest return opportunities

The principal work activities and objectives may include but are not limited to:

Company Overview

  • Assess the Company’s readiness and alignment for a Strategic Exit with maximum yield
  • Identifying & characterizing the founder’s personal and business goals for the exit
    • Financial target(s)
    • Timing
  • Reviewing the Company’s legal structure and IP protection
  • Company position relative to high valuation markets
  • Characterize potential high-return acquirers
  • Characterize key ‘value drivers’ for maximum valuation
  • Ownership – CAP Table
  • Complete a current “Valuation Snapshot” (optional)

Company Value Proposition- What Business Are You Really In?

  • Assess the Company’s go to market business model for highest exit multiple
  • Characterize ideal customer profile
  • Business model
  • Marketing & branding strategy
  • Product strategy / roadmap
  • Go to market strategy
  • Strategic / OEM partners
  • Forecasts and projections
  • Pricing /Revenue Model
  • Competitive positioning and coopetition strategy
  • Pivot options

Organizational & Operational Resource Assessment

  • Assess operational & organizational resource requirements
  • Resource allocation
  • Skills assessment
  • Alignment of goals and objectives
  • Support
  • R&D

Growth Model & Capital Assessment

  • Assess the capital funding requirements necessary to execute
  • Budget / Cash flow / Balance sheet analysis
  • Use of proceeds & break-even analysis
  • Growth funding strategy

Valuation Growth & Exit Plan Strategies Review

  • Assess Valuation Drivers
  • Company position for highest industry multiples
  • Market multiples
  • Branding and company alignment
  • Assess Exit Options
    • IPO
    • M&A
    • MBO
    • Generational Transfer
  • Timing
  • Max Valuation vs Monetization Realization
  • Review exit due-diligence documentation

Summary of Findings

  • Review ‘Summary of Findings’
  • Review Exit Strategy Recommendations
  • Sign-off
  • Review Zero Limits Ventures Engagement Proposal

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