I had the privilege of traveling to both the Amazonian and Guatemalan Rainforests with John Perkins some years ago.  It was an extraordinary and life changing experience for me that sourced a shift in priorities that has since impacted every aspect of my personal and professional life.

I believe his message in this Forbes article and IS the essence of what I’m up to with both Zero Limits Ventures. Further than that, it IS what I’m up to in life.

 “Perkins contends that today, factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic and increasingly sobering news about climate change are Mother Nature’s way of gently pushing human society toward a psychological and spiritual tipping point. If we listen to Mother Nature (“Pachamama” in the Incan tradition), Perkins argues in his new book that we can make as big a transition as he did when he left the life of an Economic Hit Man.”

Making these changes is frightening and requires a kind of contrarian courage that seems nonsensical at first – in the same way that reaching out and touching a jaguar seems frightening and nonsensical. To drum up this kind of courage, we first must come to an understanding of what mission we want to fulfill in this world. This process of self-discovery forms the heart of a shamanistic journey that he took while at the point of death in an Amazonian village years ago and describes in detail in Touching the Jaguar.

“The carpenter, the teacher, the parent,” Perkins writes, “can all have different personal missions, but if we all head for the goal of a sustainable and regenerative future, we will get there.”

I believe we have reached the tipping point he describes and my intent with Zero Limits Ventures and each of my personal and professional endeavors is to raise consciousness and catalyze leaders of companies of all sizes to create directly or indirectly the sustainable changes necessary to make all aspects of this world; economic, environmental, and societal the vibrant, alive and conscious place we intend for ourselves,  our children, our grandchildren and beyond.

Enjoy John’s talk, grab a copy of his new book, Touching the Jaguar and consider ways YOU can make YOUR greatest impact whether local, national or global.