Secure high value listing on NASDAQ Global Exchange

Worldwide eCommerce company needed to secure a high value listing on NASDAQ Global Exchange.

A worldwide eCommerce company (the Company) sought aggressive growth to meet the stringent financial requirements for securing a high value listing on the NASDAQ Global Exchange. An initial appraisal within the eCommerce marketplace revealed the Company valuation of

Zero Limits Ventures created a business plan for shifting the Company to a 29X multiple.

After completing an initial assessment, ZLV discovered several key and unique channels of distribution. The assessment further identified 16 fundamental internal valuation constraints that prevented the Company from competitive global opportunities. ZLV presented a complete business plan to detail the step-by-step pathway to growing valuation from $177M to a $1.6B target valuation prior to listing on the NASDAQ Global Exchange. This plan incorporates a broad range of objectives that affect branding, market positioning, product roadmap, intellectual property policies, enhanced distribution, and go-to-market partnership strategies. ZLV also located a technology innovation that shifted the Company from a relatively low <1X multiple eCommerce model to a 29X multichannel marketplace model.

Current target is a NASDAQ IPO in mid-2016.

As of August 2015, the plan is currently in implementation and ZLV has been retained as the leading member of the Corporate Advisory Board.



eCommerce Retailer


HQ in United States


$177M growing to $1.6B


Secure a high value listing on NASDAQ Global Exchange


Valuation growth by shifting market presence

Impact and Advantage

Pivot from market with <1X to market with 29X multiple

  • Business Plan
  • Valuation Growth Strategy
  • Strategic Exit Plan
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