Strategy to deal with sharp decline in potential market share

Celio Technology Corporation needed a competitive advantage.

Celio Technology Corporation (CTC) was a Netbook-equivalent hardware company funded with $15M by a top venture firm. At this stage, its growth opportunity in the marketplace was preempted by the commercial release of the Netbook. Zero Limits Ventures (ZLV) was retained to assess the company’s best valuation growth and potential exit strategies. ZLV identified a particular collection of unique intellectual property that allowed the company to reposition from hardware manufacturer to software company. This prepared the company for a high value acquisition.

Zero Limits Ventures repositioned CTC in the market andengaged a buyer.

After researching the markets with the highest multiples for this particular technology, ZLV identified an emerging fast-growth “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) market. Under ZLV’s guidance, the company developed a product and a product roadmap that served this fast-growth emerging market.

ZLV identified and engaged a Virtual Desktop Company that was seeking peripheral add-on software and management capabilities aligned with CTC’s new mobile software product offering.

CTC’s valuation increased 400 percent.

With a 400-percent increase in valuation, CTC became a highly sought-after target. ZLV secured the acquisition with V3 Systems for a confidential amount and facilitated a second acquisition of the resulting company to Sphere 3D, a fast-growth publicly traded company.

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Bill Flury

CEO, Celio Technology Corporation



Computer Hardware


Salt Lake City, Utah


$15M growing to $70M


Main product preempted in marketplace


Fast and effective pivot into new market

Impact and Advantage

Valuation increased 400 percent

  • Valuation Growth Strategy
  • Strategic Exit Plan
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