Business Valuation

“The most important information to have before beginning any journey is knowing where you’re starting from.”

Its the same when it comes to growing the value of your business. An Enterprise Valuation reveals the accurate fair market value of your business in current market conditions.

Our experience in business valuation gives you assurance that appropriate methods are used to reach accurate, reliable estimates for the value of the company as well as the value of its stock.

Our opinions are supported by actual market transactions, the most recent industry and economic research, the latest in valuation methodologies, and extensive actual transaction experience.

By engaging Zero Limits Ventures to prepare your Enterprise Valuation Report, you remain focused on what immediately matters most; continuing to grow your business, while we research internal and external factors affecting the Fair Market Value of your business.

We will employ traditional valuation methods in estimating a range of enterprise values of the Company including market, income, and cost valuation approaches. Specifically, we will analyze the most current valuations of publicly comparable companies, valuation of comparable private acquisition and investment transactions, and the discounted cash flow valuation approach, as of the Valuation Date.

After reaching internal consensus on the valuation results, we will meet with management to review our initial findings. The objective with this step is for management to review the work and provide feedback on any part of our process, data, or conclusions. If new objective data is discovered, we will then make adjustments and issue our final report

We can assist you with a wide range of business valuation advice in connection with:


  • Tax issues
  • Financial reporting
  • Equity incentive plans
  • Litigation support
  • Fairness and solvency opinions
  • M&A transaction support

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