I was recently interviewed by Matt Aitchison for an episode of Millionaire Worth Modeling. In this hour long interview I reveal:

  • What I learned from selling my first business for 200K at age 15
  • How small ideas can turn into big business with the right mindset
  • Why discovering what drives the value of your business is critical to building a successful company
  • The simple steps to successfully building a business and getting beyond the startup stage
  • Greatness often doesn’t occur without some failure along the way
  • How social entrepreneurship has emerged within millennial business owners and the impact it has on the world
  • What can be done to move in a progressive way with your business
  • My two year business outlook and advice for building multiple businesses that thrive
  • When the best time for planning your business exit strategy is in order to obtain the best outcome
  • The importance of being a conscious capitalist and how it should tie into your life/business
  • and much more!

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