Steve Little is an acclaimed serial entrepreneur and visionary who knows how to build and scale a successful business and generate impressive returns for founders and investors. Beginning with his first venture at the age of 13 (which he sold at the age of 15 for a 6-figure sum), Steve has built and sold dozens of highly successful companies of all kinds from idea to 9-figure exit, including venture-backed software companies which generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, employed hundreds of people worldwide, and produced impressive returns for investors. Now, with Zero Limits Ventures, Steve works with founders to accelerate the true “value multipliers” in their businesses and assure them lucrative exits at acquisition.

  • What are the key multipliers that skyrocket the value of a business?
  • Strategic ways to position your business more aggressively.
  • Which will pay more for a company, a strategic buyer or a financial buyer?
  • Types of buying classes and finding the best fit for your business.

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