The other day I was a guest of Serena Walker, founder of the Athena Business Institute.

She interviewed me about how to determine the right amount of funding to raise to support either or both the start-up or growth phase of your business.

I covered a lot of valuable information on the call, including:

  • How to determine what ‘kind’ of money from ‘which’ sources will serve your needs best
  • The seven (7) things you MUST prepare to successfully solicit the funds you need from any source
  • The five (5) things you MUST know with absolute certainty before you’ll receive any money from any source
  • The differences between raising ‘start-up’ funding vs ‘growth’ funding
  • The four (4) biggest and most common mistakes business owners make that’ll keep you from being funded
  • The one (1) thing a business owner can do to get the best possible terms from the best possible money sources
  • And much more…

Click here to listen: [audio:]

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