I regularly consult with with founders, CEOs and business owners of all kinds. They’re most frequently interested in engaging me to help them raise growth capital and position for a high-return exit (via acquisition).

In a significant number of instances, I discover that they have not positioned themselves and their business to truly maximize the value growth that’s really possible for them. They’re quite literally stuck behind a limited view of where their business aligns with the available markets.

Some of these are reasonably successful companies. They may experience modest growth, pay their creditors on time, offer employees paid vacations and a delightful Holiday party once a year. But deep down the CEO knows that the business is not growing at rate sufficient to achieve the kind of value returns that he or she expects and that will make all the hard work and sacrifice worth while in the end. He or she is at real risk of become trapped in mediocrity and never realizing the personal fulfillment and success envisioned when just starting out.

The bottom line is that they cannot grow because they cannot see how to shift their business into a position that secures a commanding advantage in a high-growth market.

Here is a terrific story that illustrates how this happens to even the heathiest of businesses and how getting it positioned correctly is critical to survival and success.

The Road To Resilience: How Unscientific Innovation Saved Marlin Steel

Check it out and be sure to share any lessons you glean from the story that will help you below.



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