Advisory Support

Zero Limits Ventures serves busy executives, seasoned entrepreneurs, and corporate leadership teams in an advisory capacity to help you increase profitability and valuation, penetrate new markets, secure necessary funding and align your company for a high-return acquisition.

We provide direct expert advisory support including but not limited to:

  • Strategic valuation
  • Company Market positioning
  • Exit strategy & planning
  • Market Share & Profitability Strategies
  • Business model assessment and due diligence
  • Sales engagement strategies
  • Funding Strategies
    • Debt
    • Equity
    • Angel Round, Seed Capital, Series A, B, Mezzanine
    • Strategic
    • IPO
  • Positive and negative (risk) value driver identification
  • Strategic Partnership Introductions
  • Buyer identification, value alignment, and qualification
  • Executive Summary & Pitch preparation
  • Assist in Negotiating Term Sheets
  • Funding Engagement for Capital Raise
  • Entrepreneur leadership skills

This equips you to create:

  • Structure the Company (LLC, SCorp, CCorp) for maximum valuation
  • Top caliber funding & exit oriented business plan
  • All necessary funding documents
    • Executive Summary
    • Funding pitch (Power Point)
    • Accurate CAP Table
    • Use of funds budget
    • Product Roadmap
    • Fast-growth go to market strategy
    • Thorough competitive analysis
    • Validated sales and distribution plan
  • Financial Projections and Modeling
  • Legal Documentation
    • Company Structure
    • CAP Table

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