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What are the things involved in selling a business?

We’ve developed some systems in our approach that helps business owners through that psychological transition.

How do we contact or reach out to you?

Talk about your business, how to grow value to your business and help you get that under way.

What do business owners need to know?

If you don’t know what drives the value of your business, you don’t know what to invest in.

How to Identify Value Drivers?

Understand what buyers would value in your business then you’ll be able to determine where do I make investments in order to increase the value of my business.

When is it best for you as the owner to get out?

One is the investment rate of return and the other element is as you go longer you may in fact be building value organically in your business.

How did it all started?

It was really focused on identified one critical set of value drivers that can service multiple ways with multiple technology solutions.

What was your first business?

What I learned was the value in that business was the in those contracts, wasn’t in the people, wasn’t in the equipment, wasn’t on me but it was in the contracts.

What do you say to people or business to say they can sell the business on their own?

The one rule you cannot break under any circumstances is if you projected the number you got to hit the number.

Why did you sold your first business?

The reason was I understand the value of the business.

How important is having a mission or value?

Get your company committed to doing something significant to the world. It is a principal value driver.

What are Negative Value Drivers?

These are things that can happen that can suck the value out of your business that you did not expect, you did not plan for, you couldn’t have.

What is your objective?

Our objective is to drive them forward in their view of the business.

What is the ideal time to sell your business?

What phase of the business is the best phase for you to exit and that is – when it’s value gain is growing most quickly.

Should I have money in the business I am selling?

The business doesn’t end when they sell it – what we recommend is that the seller leave some equity in the deal.

Is Social Media considered a value driver?

Social Media is a principal value driver often gets ignored but it is a critical value driver.

What drives a company’s value?

It’s the elements of their business that drives value into the market.

When is time to stay or go?

Getting the business owner or the seller to on clear about what he or she wants prior to going that is important.

What is the process involved your work?

We have a process we use called Evaluation Process Growth Assessment – we look at three areas, where are the current constraints to value, where is the strategic opportunities and where are the market opportunities for value enhancements

How do you increase value in distribution?

The formula here is the higher the risk the less they’ll pay, the lower the risk the more they’ll pay. One way to increase value is to broaden distribution channels.

What drives the value of your Business?

The truth is – it’s not always revenue, profit and earnings.

What is the Right Time and Why?

The timing is the important factor. The single biggest mistake that early stage business owners make is that they wait too long.

Where to Begin – Valuation Growth Exit Strategy Assessment?

We look at three factors, we identify all the things that exist in your business, then we look at value growth potential and the third is understanding our clients market.

Who does Zero Limits Venture look for?

A lot of what we do is educating business owners so they can build better businesses and that those businesses becomes sustaining lasting entities even beyond their sale.

What actually drives a value of a business?

Value drivers are not really constraint in the arithmetic of your business.