Steve has the uncanny ability to immediately lock-in on the key moves that yield breakthrough results. It’s like he can see all the playing pieces and all the available moves on a 3 dimensional playing board and intuitively knows exactly which moves to make to win big. He truly will give you a key advantage.

Dr. Steven Feinberg

CEO, Author, The Advantage Makers

In the 45 minute call with Steve, he helped me zero in on what the real problem is and the exact next steps I needed to take to reinvigorate my business and achieve my most aggressive growth goals.

Michelle Salatar

CEO, Sumer

Steve is in a different league. He assimilates large amounts of complex information at an amazing rate and immediately boils things down to a few high-leverage actions you can take to consistently create results that go straight to the bottom line. Just five minutes with the guy and, if you’re paying attention and act, you’ll grow your success immediately.

Bill Flury

CEO, Celio Corp

Steve is one of those guys you need on your side as an entrepreneur. If you have a business challenge that you can’t solve and need guidance, call Steve and he’ll not only guide you in the right direction, but you’ll learn a new approach to your business. I highly recommend any entrepreneur to contact Steve and see what he can do to help you in your business.

David Gass

CEO, Jump Profit

My consultation with Steve was a great surprise. During the daily business it’s so very easy to forget strategy. In the hour with Steve I got a lot to think about for the future and where I want to go with my business. I will definitely come back to Steve and will also recommend him to friends.

Beatrix Willius

CEO, Moth Software Mainz

Steve is amazing to talk with. He is not only full of incredible insight and experience but explains everything in a manner that is easy to understand and put to use. The value of the information that Steve shares is priceless. I look forward to continuing my discussions with him.

Ted Myerson