The Clarity Partners, Zero Limits Ventures empowers a unique capacity to investment, advisory and consultative support; we believe in putting the entrepreneurs first.

Meet The Founders

Ed Ekstrom is a Co-Founder and currently a Managing Director of Clarity Partners. Before joining the Clarity Partners team, Ed was a founder and Managing Director of vSpring Capital. This traditional early-stage venture capital firm had over $400 million of Assets Under Management. Ed was an Intel Executive for more than ten years, where he last served as Vice President of the Intel Communications Products Group and General Manager of the Intel Utah. Ed holds a BS in computer science from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Westminster College.
Carson Payne is a Co-Founder and a Managing Director of Clarity Partners. Carson is highly skilled and experienced in high tech businesses. Spending his career on both the Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial sides of companies. Carson began his career in Venture Capital 15 years ago with Vspring Capital. Working alongside Mr. Ekstrom, he has stayed intimately involved on the Private Equity side or working as an executive within the portfolio. Carson holds a B.S. in Business Entrepreneurship from the David Eccles School of Business from the University of Utah.
Johan Van de Gronden is a Co-Founder and a Managing Director of Clarity Partners. Johan, is based out of The Netherlands and has over 25 years of experience in global management in Banking & Insurance, Technology, Business Consulting, and M&A. Johan’s vast experience includes working with companies such as ING, PwC, Deloitte, GP KMPG, and as an Executive for ATOS (USD 16.1B). Emerging Tech and FSI market SME. Johan holds a Masters Degree in Law from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Clarity Partners is a Capital Firm and also has a Consulting Division. We help to develop capital structures that ensure the founder(s) retain their value. We don’t trust in only winning in the boardroom, but winning in the marketplace.

Whether it be; Building Technology, Hiring a Staff, Raising Capital, Increasing Sales, or Preparing for an IPO. We have been in your shoes, and we want to help you! From startups to IPOs, we use our past successes and failures to help support entrepreneurs. Our model is different. We want to jump in the trenches with you. We don’t mind rolling our sleeves up and getting dirty. We are all about whatever it takes to be successful. We like teams and companies that want to jump in and get wet, who are ready to fight for the win, and we want to be alongside you while you do it. We are entrepreneurs at heart, and as such; we see things from the entrepreneur’s point of view. We are not here to “take over” your company but to join your team, stand in your corner, and help where we can.

At Clarity Partners, we are firm believers that to help, we must be creating value. We will not stand on the sidelines and judge everything that you do. We are not ”armchair” Quarterbacks. We want to contribute in any way that helps you be successful.

Our investing criteria is simple and straight forward, we refer to it as our “4M” model; We believe in MARKETS that are well defined and understood, in MANAGEMENT teams with talent and experience who are passionate and motivated to be results-oriented management, MACHINES (Goods and Services) that are differentiated and add value to the market, and MONEY that can be strategically placed on well understood and clean cap-tables.

The affiliation with Zero Limits Ventures further expands our ability to fully support vibrant growth in brand equity and value for our entreprenerial partners. 

Clarity Partners has offices in Salt Lake City, UT, and in Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland

Clarity Partners

488 E. Winchester AVE
STE 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Clarity Partners

Kasernenstrasse 30A
Atlas BV 4410 Liestal
Automotive Campus 30
Basel-Landschaft – Switzerland